Casa A.

Facade restyling

The apartment is located in the heart of San Salvario, a historic district of Turin very popular with young people in the evening hours. For this reason, the client needed to change the current layout, so that the living area faced the noisier street side and the sleeping area in the condominium courtyard. The state of affairs shows a typical partition of the apartments of those years, where all the rooms are communicating with each other without distinction between the areas. The most important and necessary action to optimize the rooms was to close the current entrance and move it to the private balcony. This made it possible to obtain the smallest room using the French window and to have an entrance that led directly into the large living area. The kitchen “hides” behind the load-bearing wall semi open to the room through two arched openings that give the space a sense of elegance and unity, also alluding to the typical Turin arcades

Turin, Italy


Civil & Industrial Design


in progress